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The branch of dentistry that deals with the care of the internal tissues of the tooth or the pulp is called endodontics. It is commonly associated with the devitalization of the teeth, or the root canal treatment, in which the damaged dental nerves are extracted due to traumas, ruptures or caries. Endodontics is a conservative dental cure that allows the tooth structure to be restored without dental extraction. Contact the Dentiamo dental clinics located in province of Venice and Padua if you need to devitalize a molar or need a complex filling for caries. Our dental center takes 360° care of your smile thanks to dentists who are specialized in conservative and endodontic procedures.


The devitalization of a tooth is necessary when a caries has deeply damaged the tooth structure also affecting the internal pulp. This can cause some of the following serious infections that compromise the health of the person:

– dental granulomas,
– abscesses,
– dental cysts,
– pulpitis.

Your dentist will be responsible for diagnosing inflammation, prescribing antibiotics, as well as to administer specific treatments to eliminate the bacterial load and infection in the dental canals and the tooth pulp and then perform the devitalization, root canal treatment or apicectomy in the case of granulomas.

Endodontics: root canal treatment and endodontic treatment

Dentiamo dental professionals will take care of you endodontic treatment by means of 3 or 4 different channels, including the extraction of the dental nerves through various different instruments, as a result of which they are then able to free the dental channels, medicate the tooth, and fill it with biocompatible radiopaque fibers. The patient can get his smile back and be able to chew normally within a short period of time.



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Dental reconstruction

Simple or Complex Fillings

Following devitalization, the dentist specialized in conservation will proceed to simple or complex fillings for the reconstruction or restoration of the tooth. Today aesthetic fillings in light amalgam are performed that are able to fully integrate with the color of the original tooth and harmonize the smile. In case of deep caries, and weakening of the teeth due to the devitalization, the dentist can then decide whether to apply a dental crown, in other words a prosthetic material for covering the tooth, strengthening it and making it stronger and completely identical to the original tooth.

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