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Immediate loading implantology

This category includes all the techniques that allow the recovery of occlusion and missing teeth with the use of artificial roots made with the most biocompatible material known to known: titanium, for endosseous implants. Thanks to the techniques currently available on the market, the success rate is 90% guaranteed, and the limited cases of failure are a result not of rejection, but local non-ossification, which does not lead to more serious general physical imbalances.

The main stages of the immediate loading implant procedure

FIRST PHASE: extraction of existing elements and reclamation of the previous oral zone.
SECOND STAGE: dental implants usually 4 – 6 or 8.
THIRD PHASE: application of the temporary prosthesis within a few hours.
FOURTH PHASE: temporary prosthesis removal and final prosthetic application.

– Have a primary stability of dental implants over 35 Newton: the screwing of implants in the surgical positioning phase must necessarily reach at least 35 Newton to guarantee primary stability;
– The natural bone must be sufficient: bone regeneration is not to be performed in conjunction with the implant insertion procedure;
– Good Paradontal Support (gingival);
– The absence of Bruxism (dental grinding) or severe malocclusion;
– The presence of a good occlusal balance (correct masticatory occlusal plane);

Please note in particular that in the case of an All-on-4TM or All-on-6TM procedure (ie a complete dental arch), it is not always possible to have immediate loading in the form of a fixed prosthesis; in particular this occurs when one or more implants inserted do not have a primary stability of at least 35 Newton (soft bone).
If this situation occurs, we will provide a temporary mobile prosthesis, in the form of a total prosthesis. The patient will use the removable prosthesis to replace the fixed prosthesis for a period ranging from 3 to 6 months, and following this period the loading of the implants with a fixed temporary prosthesis will be done, which will subsequently be replaced by a permanent fixed prosthesis.

Benefits of immediate loading implantology

The patient who undergoes immediate loading implant surgery can have their teeth fixed in the first session already, with considerable benefits including:
• Minimal invasiveness of surgery and limited blood loss;
• Immediate reacquisition of the masticatory function without restrictions on nutrition;
• Ability to return immediately to normal daily life without any discomfort or difficulty in social interaction;
• peed, with the surgery taking place in a single session;
• Cost savings, because of the entire procedure being done in one session.



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