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DentiAmo: the most modern dentistry techniques at your disposal in Santa Maria di Sala (VE)

Dentiamo dental clinic
Santa Maria di Sala

DentiAmo dental clinic is born from the twenty-year experience of Italian Dentists and Dentists who work using the most modern techniques.

DentiAmo works in the field of dentistry: surgery, conservative, aesthetic orthodontics, implantology, fixed and mobile prostheses, endodontics, cranio-mandibular disorders, aesthetic dentistry, speech therapy.


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The dental clinic DentiAmo of Santa Maria di Sala (VE) is based on an organizational model based on the combination: high quality at affordable prices.

The possibility to apply reduced rates up to 55% less than required by a traditional study arises from careful management both in terms of internal organization and acquisition of materials, technologies and tools of the highest level at very competitive prices, thanks to the Dentiamo network.

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Trust the experience and professionalism of DentiAmo in Santa Maria di Sala!