Four implants with fixed prosthesis

Recover your missing teeth!
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Four implants with fixed prosthesis

This technique is one of the most used and exploited in the field of implantology since it is in all respects one of the best solutions for tooth restoration. The operation takes place in three defined phases: a first phase in which the patient undergoes an extraction of the original dental elements.
This phase is crucial, in that the subsequent cleaning and oral hygiene serves to guarantee a perfect tuning implantation to follow.
In the second phase the implantation is performed in pairs of two implants on the left and right hemiarcata, creating two series of equidistant implants that will then act as a base for the installation of the prosthesis.
Finally, the practitioner will then apply the prosthesis at the four implants previously inserted.

Surgically guided implantology

Nowadays with the help of computers we are able to achieve unprecedented results compared with the past.
The surgery is minimally invasive, with zero post-operative trauma.
Its use allows one to predict the implant placement with absolute certainty.
It is useful in all implant operations, both fixed and removable, both in arches with residual dentition as well as those that are entirely edentulous.



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